My Zones...

November 1, 2012
Here are the places that I'll be spending 90% of my time in during this month:

Study Zone:

Gaming and NaNo zone:


GTA V looms...

August 20, 2012
So, peeps, it seems we won't be waiting much longer for substantial news about GTA V, seeing as Rockstar Games actually posted some more screens, and promised even more later in the week.  Furthermore, the @EpsilonismToday twitter account is practically buzzing with hints and teases. 

This particular tweet is my favorite:

There you have it, coming soon. <--That's the link to the new screens, labeled Transport.  Something that caught my eye is that the guy in the plane really looks like the old guy from the trailer.  Confirmed as protagonist, then?  I tried enhancing the image:

I'm getting real excited right now, how about you?

When I'm bored at school...

August 11, 2012
Yeah, this is what happens when I have no interest in the class I'm in at school.  I'm quite proud of my little piece of art.  I call it Wierdman!  It's not 100% though, my friend also did a lot of the work on it.  I will from here on out refer to this friend as the S-Man on this site.

Links page!

August 11, 2012
My link page is now finished with it's construction!  This is a good thing if you might have wondered.  If you want to be a friend of this site, which means I link to you, just message me and I'll check out your site to see if it's cool enough to be a friend of Planet Mega Genius.  
There aren't even any strings attached.  I want to build my links page so people that see it can be entertained by a wide variety of amazing sites on the internet.  I just don't have much time to go discovering cool sites on my own, that's why I'm asking anybody to introduce me to their site.  Go ahead.  Leave a comment on this blog post and I'll check it out.  (Yes I know almost nobody reads my blog so this is a waste of my time, but one day, SOMEONE will read this site and then my work now will pay off.)

Actual content. Hooray!

August 10, 2012
The more exploratory viewers of this website may have notice that I have some actual content on the site now.  Not much, but at least it's something.  Under the writing category I've posted my half-finished NaNoWriMo attempt from 2011, and under the games category I posted the game I made for my mom, Yahtzee.  

I hope somebody can enjoy one of those things, and then sometime I want to get around to making a spot where people can comment on any and all content on my site.  Perhaps a forum.  Enjoy this, anyway.

A website? Well I never...

August 10, 2012
Hello people of the internet.  It seems I have a website now, which is strange, because I don't remember making it...Nah just kidding I'm not that high/drunk/sleep-deprived.

I will post on this site all the things that happen to emerge from my brain that I believe the rest of the internet should be aware of.  Pages I will post on:
  • Blog:  You're on that one right now.  I will try to post something at least once a week that is funny or at least tries to be funny.
  • Programs:  Programs that I make that usually end up in the realm of uselessness.
  • Games:  If I ever make a game, It would probably show up on this here page.
  • Writing:  Essays, novels, reviews, poems & all other things I write that could possibly entertain the bored internet surfer (or at least numb his brain from the pain of boredom(or just replace it with different pain)).
  • Videos:  Videos that I make that are boring.
  • Comics:  Can't promise that I will ever get around to making the comic I've always dreamed about, but I'm making a space for it anyway.
  • Links:  Clickable words (apparently they are called links now) that magically take you towards sites that are better than this one.
I hope at least one random user of the internet finds some level of joy on this website.

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