Welcome to Planet Mega Genius

A place where you can be entertained by funny (sort of) materials of many different types of media and also of many different genres.  If you like this site, link it to the world.  If you don't, link it anyway so people can come witness the world's worst site.

You guessed it, this is my seldom visited welcome page.  I made this to welcome you, but I also know most people getting to this site are probably arriving directly at the blog page or one of the other pages.  This page means you have actually used the link to my site.  You are one of few, the elite that visit my site out of actual intent, and not following some random link.

I intend to keep this page like this and not change anything for the foreseeable future.  Welcome again to Planet Mega Genius.  Population: Me and whoever sees this page.

Yes, you are now a citizen of Planet Mega Genius.


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