Hello people of the internet.  It seems I have a website now, which is strange, because I don't remember making it...Nah just kidding I'm not that high/drunk/sleep-deprived.

I will post on this site all the things that happen to emerge from my brain that I believe the rest of the internet should be aware of.  Pages I will post on:
  • Blog:  You're on that one right now.  I will try to post something at least once a week that is funny or at least tries to be funny.
  • Programs:  Programs that I make that usually end up in the realm of uselessness.
  • Games:  If I ever make a game, It would probably show up on this here page.
  • Writing:  Essays, novels, reviews, poems & all other things I write that could possibly entertain the bored internet surfer (or at least numb his brain from the pain of boredom(or just replace it with different pain)).
  • Videos:  Videos that I make that are boring.
  • Comics:  Can't promise that I will ever get around to making the comic I've always dreamed about, but I'm making a space for it anyway.
  • Links:  Clickable words (apparently they are called links now) that magically take you towards sites that are better than this one.
I hope at least one random user of the internet finds some level of joy on this website.